WAPC(Worked All Provinces of China) award rules

WAPC(Worked All Provinces of China) award rules

1)                       The award rules are for all amateur radio operators and SWLers world wide to apply for WAPC(Worked All Provinces of China) award.

2)                       Special endorsements are available in bands, modes and regions on top of base award, but may charge additional fees.

3)                       Awards confirmation can be QSL cards, including paper QSL cards, Electronic certificates (LoTW / Clublog), or clear photos that can be recognized.

4)                       The applicant shall fill in and sign the below Appendix 1: WAPC application form, commit all the QSOs provided can be exposed, checked, copied and inquired. The applicant commit all QSOs are real records.

5)                       The QSL certificates applicant provided should include the following contents:

1           Worked Callsign

2           Home callsign

3           Worked Year, Month, Day and time

4           Band or Frequency

5           Worked Mode

6           RST

7           If QSO via amateur radio satellites, please specify satellite name and AMSAT amateur radio satellite number.

6)                       The applicant should provide the original QSL cards or electronic copy of the certificates if the award committee think it is necessary. Fail to provide the required certificate will not be grant awards.

7)                       If award committee judges that issued awards by fake record or any behaviors against the rules, the awards will be void, and applicants name, callsign will be deleted in the database, the result will be shown in official webpage. The applicant will be disqualified to apply for any WAPC application in future.

8)                       WAPC application requirements and fees

1           The QSOs that be used should be later than 21st, Apr 2012 (1st WAPC pilot contest).

2           The provinces / regions name of WAPC refer to appendix 1.

3           Eligible QSOs should be two way QSOs directly with China all provinces and regions or SWL card from China all provinces and regions. No repeater useage is allowed (except satellite QSOs). QSP via other amateur radio stations are not allowed.

4           QSO(SWL) qualified conditions:

A       Different band or different mode QSOs with same callsign will count for different QSOs.

B       Same callsigns (especially contest callsigns or DXpedition callsigns) with different teams / operators will count as different QSOs.

C       If the QSOs are made via satellite, use the receiving band as working band.

D      If China’s provinces / Regions change, the award will base on the latest provinces / regions upon application.

 E       Single operator using multiple callsigns to apply the award, if all callsigns belongs to same operator, all QSOs can be combined in same application form, however, club station callsigns can not be combined.

F       Callsigns under Chinese guest operator certificate can not be used to apply for the award. However, if the QSL cards with guest operator callsign and operation location, the other station can use these QSL cards to apply for the award.

9)                       Categories for WAPC award:

1           Basic Award: use applicant’s callsign, in any bands, any modes, have at least 1 QSO with every provinces / Regions of China, provides QSL record (Electronic records also acceptable). Application fee 50 RMB.

2           Separate single band or single mode award, or 5 bands award, application fee: 60 RMB.

3           If confirm by paper QSL card, the post mail fees (including return mail fee) will be paid by applicant.

4           If any amateur radio operator made at least 1 QSO with every provinces / Regions of China in a single WAPC contest and submitted the score, verified by WAPC award committee, the committee will issue special WAPC award without any charge.

5           Please mail the WAPC electronic certificate to: mulandxc@hotmail.com, In mail title please mark “WAPC award application”. Paper QSL cards please mail to “Mulan DX Club ” the forth floor of Jiagong,No.5, East of Xiajiao, Huizhou City, Guandong province” and pay fees accordingly.

10)                   WAPC committee reserves the final explaination power of WAPC award rules.

Appendix 1: WAPC application form